BAVARIA bracket fall protection guard

Schutzwand: BAVARIA Konsolen-Dachschutzwand
Schutzwand: BAVARIA Konsolen-Dachschutzwand

Flexible collective side protection for various roof pitches

The lightweight and non-corrosive aluminium fall protection guard is approved for a roof pitch of up to 60 degrees.
Thanks to its low weight and simple assembly, this roof guard system is ideal for scaffolding even long roofs. To make working on the roof easier, you can place an extending work plank between the roof brackets. It provides a practical roofer's seat and a tool tray.

The system is also suitable for use as an intermediate fall protection for big roofs. 10 metres of BAVARIA fall protection guard can be easily transported and stored in a transport box.
The BAVARIA bracket fall protection guard is a temporary side protection system in accordance with DIN EN 13374: Protection Class C.
At a roof angle between 30 and 45 degrees, there is no limit to the fall height. For roof angles between 45 and 60 degrees, the system may be used for roof heights of 5 metres maximum.

This Fall Protection Guard is ideal for pitched roofs. Solar installers also use the fall protection in combination with the BAVARIA easyraise guard. This means that work platforms and roof edge protectors can be installed very quickly and flexibly for short-term usage. This makes them an economical alternative to façade scaffolding.

We recommend the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the assembly of the side protection system.


Assembled in four steps

Push up the roof tiles covering the rafter bays, place the roof bracket on the rafter and fasten it with four wood screws. The bracket spacing can be up to 2.10 m (three rafter bays). For 10 meters fall protection guard, six roof brackets are required.

Loosen one clamp and thread the safety net onto the railing tube (at least every 60 cm). Tighten the net, secure the edge rope to the post and tighten the wing nuts on the clamping bracket.

Insert the posts and connect them by railing tubes. Insert the tubes into the clamping brackets and close the clamps.

For more convenience, place BAVARIA telescopic planks on the brackets.

Details of the BAVARIA bracket fall protection guard

Aluminium roof brackets on rafters

1. Place the lightweight aluminium roof bracket on the rafters.

Fasten screws to roof protection

2. Fasten with 4 universal screws.

Connecting railing posts with roof brackets

3. Insert the railing posts into the roof brackets.

Connecting the fall protection guardrail tube with posts

4. Insert the railing tube into the posts.

Attach safety net to guardrail of fall protection guard

5. Thread the personal safety net onto the railing tube.

Connect the safety net to the bracket fall protection guard

6. Fix the protective net to the bottom of the roof brackets.

Video of our bracket fall protection guard from BAVARIA

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