BAVARIA Fall Protection - MAUDERER guards your world

Do you want high productivity on the construction site without having to worry about the well-being of your employees or colleagues? BAVARIA fall protection is the right choice for you.

Übersicht Absturzsicherungssysteme im Einsatz

1. BAVARIA ladder fall protection guard

Anwendungsbeispiel Leitern Dachschutzwand

The BAVARIA ladder fall protection guard is an inexpensive and flexible solution for sloping roofs. It is approved as a temporary side protection guard in accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class C. You can use it to protect all sloping roofs with a pitch of up to 60 degrees.

Your advantages:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Laterally extendable system that can be adapted to the length of the roof
  • Compatible with all reinforced BAVARIA rope-operated extension ladders and extension ladders
  • Ideal for solar installers as the roof remains completely free
  • In accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class C


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2. BAVARIA bracket fall protection guard

Anwendungsbeispiel Konsolen Dachschutzwand

Do you regularly scaffold long and high roofs? Then you should opt for our bracket fall protection guard., our practical protection system including a safety net. Use ist permitted for roof pitches up to 60 degrees. You can also use the bracket fall protection guard as intermediate fall protection for large roofs.

Your advantages:

  • Quick installation
  • Low weight facilitates assembly and transport
  • Can be extended as required thanks to the modular design
  • In accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class C


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3. BAVARIA gable roof protection

Anwendungsbeispiel Giebelabsturzsicherung

Our gable roof protection is designed for safe working close to the verge. It is mounted conveniently on BAVARIA ladders. You can reliably secure up to 10 metres of verge with just 3 ladders. The gable edge protection is also suitable for securing flat sloping roofs of up to 10 degrees on the eaves side.

Your advantages:

  • Simple pre-assembly on the ground
  • Practical quick-release fastener for attaching the ladders
  • Quick assembly without drilling or rafter clamps
  • In accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class A


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4. BAVARIA easyraise guard 20

Anwendungsbeispiel Leitern Blitzgerüst

The BAVARIA easyraise guard 20 is a panacea for a whole range of tasks. It is a real all-rounder for craftsmen working regularly work on a roof. Whether solar panel assembly, roof care or maintenance work: the practical combination of working scaffold and roof fall protection provides extra safety and maximum space on the roof.

Your advantages:

  • 20 minutes mounting time with only 2 workers
  • High load weight of up to 450 kg
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for roofs up to 8 metres high
  • Ideal solution for a wide range of activities
  • In accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class C


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5. BAVARIA roof working platform

Anwendungsbeispiel Roof Tool

Anyone who regularly deplores the working conditions on sloping roofs will appreciate our roof working platform. The lightweight roof stand can be used as a standing or assembly aid on the roof. It may be used at a roof  pitch of 25 - 60 degrees. It is ideal for fast construction site progress and safe working conditions when tiling, fitting or painting.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible usage on the entire roof
  • Simple and inexpensive solution to increase safety on the roof
  • Ideally suited as a roofing chair


more about the BAVARIA roof working platform


7. BAVARIA Classic flat roof fall protection guard

Anwendungsbeispiel Flachdach Absturzsicherung

Are you looking for an inexpensive and reliable solution for the temporary protection of flat roofs? Then we recommend the BAVARIA Classic flat roof fall protection guard - a temporary, quick-to-install side protection system with a folding cantilever.

Your advantages:

  • Non-penetrative assembly protects the roof cladding
  • High stability and safety despite its light weight
  • Uninterrupted work thanks to foldable cantilever
  • Ideal for short-term work during construction phases or for maintenance
  • In accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class A


more about the Classic fall protection guard for flat roofs


8. BAVARIA NEO fall protection guard for flat roofs

Anwendungsbeispiel Flachdach Absturzsicherung NEO

This robust and durable guardrail is perfect, if regular access is required or during maintenance work on your building. It was developed with craftsmen to comply  with DIN EN 13374:2013 and is therefore a self-supporting guardrail system approved for collective side protection. Particularly practical: a cordless screwdriver suffices for assembly.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible system with adjustable span and height-adjustable post bases
  • System with inclined rail available
  • Ideal for permanent use on flat roofs at the highest heights (100+ metres)
  • Also available as a compact system for more space on the roof
  • Complies with EN 13374: Protection Class A


more about the NEO flat roof fall protection guard


9. BAVARIA Maintenance ladder for solar panels

Anwendungsbeispiel Wartungsleiter für Solaranlagen

TheBAVARIA Maintenance ladder for solar panels provides solar technicians with an ideal solution for working with solar systems. Rubber wheels on the ladder allow to move and position the ladder effortless on the roof without damaging the sensitive surface of the solar modules.

Your advantages:

  • Self-locking ladder head
  • Available with optional work platform for ergonomic working
  • Ideal for safe and damage-free work on the solar roof


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The wide range of possible applications for our Fall Protection Guards

Anwendungsbeispiel Leitern Giebelasturzsicherung Halle