BAVARIA easyraise guard 20

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Mauderer's easyraise guard saves time and offers maximum clearance for roof work.

With Mauderer's easyraise guard, roofers, solar installers, electricians and painters are ready for action in no time at all. The entire assembly is carried out from the ground or the work platform and the house facade remains untouched.

The work platform offers a secure workplace with a smooth transition to the roof surface. The BAVARIA easyraise guard 20 offers plenty of space for demanding activities. This means maximum safety for roofers.


The new generation of safety - this is how our smart ladder based scaffold works:

The innovative Safety Lift System is ideal for the assembly of photovoltaic systems. It is a combination of working platform and fall protection guard.

In contrast to typical Fall Protection Guards, this ladder scaffolding is assembled on the ground level. It is raised to the desired working height using winches without the risk of falling. It is also dismantled from the ground.

No further safety equipment such as safety harnesses (PPE) is required for assembly. The entire system is secured to the roof using lashing straps.
A connection via anchor points on the roof offers optimum safety. These can be set from the work platform.
The working area on the roof remains free and the working platform can withstand generous load weights of up to 450 kg.

As you can secure the system quickly and easily with straps, there is no need to drill into the façade. The new system is compatible with the widely used BAVARIA easyraise guard SL. It is used up to a platform height of 8.0 m and is therefore also suitable for high rooftops.

This new aluminium ladder scaffold is a quickly assembled work platform and Fall Protection Guard with practical additional functions. It is not only suitable as a roofing scaffold, but can also be used as a painter's scaffold and mini façade scaffold.

In less than 20 minutes assembly time, it offers carpenters, plumbers and roofers an economical and flexible alternative to conventional façade or push-on frame scaffolding. The roof surface remains free. This means that work can be carried out on the eaves side right up to the edge of the roof for solar installations.

The platform is attached to a safety lift slide and cranked upwards on two support ladders using a winch. A separate access ladder gives you access to the working platform. After work, you can stow the ladders and work platform conveniently and compactly on your vehicle.

Thanks to its versatile and efficient functionality, this high-performance easyraise guard pays for itself after just a few usages.

Videos of our BAVARIA easyraise guard ladders

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Intended use and advantages of Mauderer's easyraise guard 20:

  • The entire system is assembled from the ground by two people without any aids or special tools . It is not necessary to climb the ladders for assembly and disassembly.

  • The maximum platform height is around 8 metres and can be adjusted as required. If necessary, the height can be adjusted from rung to rung at any time.

  • With the rear guardrail, the system can be used as a scaffold for assembly, maintenance, cleaning and painting work. This allows you to use the ladder scaffold flexibly like a working platform for work on façades, gutters, walls, roof overhangs or even for indoor work in the hall.

  • The access ladder is secured against slipping sideways by an integrated ladder head safety device. The access door of the ladder platform closes automatically by means of a spring after being stepped on.

  • It is secured by lashing straps. It is not necessary to drill into the façade. Anchor points on the roof provide maximum safety.

  • The system is largely compatible with the earlier version (BAVARIA easyraise guard SL - Safety Lift).

  • Older aluminium easyraise guard systems with a platform depth of 600 millimetres can be retrofitted with the new lift system.

  • The lightweight staging with aluminium trapezoidal sheet decking can also be used as a chimney scaffold with the appropriate accessories.


BAVARIA easyraise guard 20 - technical data

  • Lightweight and robust easyraise guard, can be used as a work platform and roof safety scaffold
  • Made from high-quality aluminium extruded profiles
  • Platform height freely adjustable up to a maximum of 8 metres
  • Maximum load capacity per working platform: 450 kilograms (5 metre staging) and 225 kilograms (2.5 metre staging)
  • Available platform sizes: 5,000 x 600, 3,500 x 600, 2,500 x 600 mm
  • Guardrail height 1,000 mm
  • Toe board height 100 mm
  • Support ladders made of reinforced BAVARIA ladders (100 mm rail) and with wide stabiliser bars for a firm footing
  • An unreinforced ladder can also be used as an access ladder


Fall Protection Guard and ladder scaffold - testing and approval

  • Temporary side protection system in accordance with EN 13374: Protection Class C (when used with personal safety net)
  • Load on guardrails and working platform comply with EN 1004:2005-03 (sections 8.3 and 8.4 for scaffolding group 2)

Assembly in less than 20 minutes

Seil-Umkehr und Seilwinde

1. Mount the pulley and the winch on both support ladders, then thread in the ropes.

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2. Set up two reinforced BAVARIA ladders as support ladders.

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3. Attach the slides to the ladders and fasten the lifting ropes.

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4. Attach the working platform and the connecting support to the slides.

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5. Insert the guardrail into the working platform and attach the safety net or rear guardrail if required.

Assembly Mauderer protective net easyraise guard 20

6. Attach the safety net.

Attach bridging plate

7. If necessary, install a bridging plate and toe board.

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8. Use the cable winch to crank the carriage and platform upwards, then lock it into working position.

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9. Set up the access ladder (or stair tower).

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10. Ascend to the platform.

Anchor ladders with lashing strap

11. Anchor support ladders with lashing straps.

Connect platforms with connecting scaffolding.

12. If necessary, join two platforms together using a connecting bridge.

Note: For a safe and quick assembly, we recommend that at least two people carry out the assembly of the BAVARIA easyraise guard 20.

Use as roof scaffolding

Mauderer's easyraise guard 20 can do even more. Using the newly developed adjustable brackets, the system serves as a roof and chimney scaffold on pre-installed

The platform support is angle-adjustable and can be used safely on all roofs with a pitch of 25 degrees to 45 degrees. We recommend assembly on BAVARIA roof leaning ladders. These must be fixed to the roof.

In this way, you can transform the BAVARIA easyraise guard into a useful tool for roof repairs or cleaning work in no time at all. Chimney sweeps also like to use this variant for cleaning and inspecting chimneys.

Assembly on the roof is also usually extremely quick, because: The easyraise guard is simply attached to pre-installed roof ladders or roof extension ladders. It then enables safe working at heights in compliance with all safety regulations.

The load capacity of the guardrail and working platform complies with EN 1004 for scaffolding group 2, meaning that the working platform can be loaded with 150 kg/square metre.

Grafik Kamingerüst
Gable fall protection
Das Blitzgerüst kann beliebig mit anderen BAVARIA-Absturzsicherungs-Systemen kombiniert werden.

The BAVARIA easyraise guard in detail

Einhängehaken mit Schlitten

The hook in the slide allows precise step-by-step positioning of the working platform.


The winch with safety brake pulls the slide upwards with little effort.


All components are made of high-strength aluminium and are particularly lightweight. The scaffold is assembled conveniently and safely from the ground.


The pulley is installed on the ladders on the ground and the rope is threaded in. The support ladders do not need to be climbed for this.

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The work platform is accessed via a separate access ladder. The access door closes automatically by means of a spring balancer.


With the rear guardrail, the system can be used as painter's and assembly scaffolding.


Unevenness on the floor is levelled out by the ladder foot extension.


The wall spacer is used to set the working position of the system in relation to the wall.

With the bridging plate and toe board, the work platform is seamlessly connected to the roof surface.

Easyraise guard 20 Bridge element for connection

The connecting bridge turns several easyraise guards into a safe overall system.

Note: All components of the BAVARIA easyraise guard 20 can also be used individually.

Further product catalogues & flyers for our Fall Protection Guards can be found under Service >> Catalogue downloads.

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Are you looking for a high-performance all-rounder for manual work on roofs, eaves and façades? The BAVARIA easyraise guard 20 is the right choice. Tinsmiths, solar installers, chimney sweeps, painters and roofers can look forward to a durable and robust helper for demanding work.

Premium quality is a tradition at Mauderer, as we have been manufacturing all our aluminium products ourselves at our home base in Lindenberg in the Allgäu region for over 45 years.

You can find the BAVARIA easyraise guard at our partner dealersas well as online in our online shop. Do you have any further questions? We look forward to your call.

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